ButterflyMX Property Access Systems in Pensacola, FL

Technology continues to improve and enhance many areas of our lives, offering greater convenience and superior results.  We’re also seeing impressive developments in the world of security systems and property access technology—particularly with the smartphone-based access control available through ButterflyMX.  

With ButterflyMX, property management has taken a step forward with the integration of advanced security and access systems. ButterflyMX, an American leader in property access technology, is at the forefront of this evolution, providing a seamless and efficient way for residents and property managers to handle building access.  Make entry and deliveries more convenient without sacrificing security—all at an affordable price!

Keep reading to learn what this exciting new technology has to offer and how ButterflyMX is changing the landscape of property management in the Pensacola area.  Or, if you’d prefer, call Johnson Communications or contact us online.  We’re here to answer your questions, explain what ButterflyMX can do for you, and provide you with professional installation and set-up.

Johnson Communications install ButterflyMX security and access systems in Pensacola, Florida!

ButterflyMX Security and Property Access Control in Pensacola, Florida

Understanding ButterflyMX Security

ButterflyMX is a revolutionary system in property access management, providing a secure and convenient solution for both our residential and our commercial clients. Whether you’re managing an HOA, condo, multifamily property, student housing, gated community, or commercial building, this technology offers a streamlined approach to controlling who enters a property, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access.

The Technology Behind ButterflyMX

At the heart of ButterflyMX’s system is an intuitive smart intercom that utilizes video calling and virtual keys to grant access. Using a handy and secure mobile app, residents can see and speak with visitors through their smartphones before allowing them entry, all with just a tap. And with virtual keys, it’s easy to allow delivery drivers and other trusted guests into your property without unnecessary delays or time-consuming interruptions.  

From remote access management to simplified package deliveries, the system reduces the burden on staff and increases operational efficiency.  This technology not only enhances security but also adds a higher level of convenience for modern living in Pensacola and elsewhere in Northwest Florida.

Add Value to Your Pensacola Property with ButterflyMX!

One of the key selling points of ButterflyMX is its ability to enhance the resident or tenant experience. Residents appreciate the convenience of managing access from their smartphones, and the added security gives them peace of mind. This is particularly appealing in the competitive Florida property market, where standout amenities can give you an edge over other properties with less advanced security and access features.

Affordable ButterflyMX Installation in Pensacola, Florida

Whether you’re deciding on your property’s first ever security and access system or considering upgrading an existing system, Johnson Communications is here to help!  We’re Pensacola’s local experts in security gates and other access solutions, offering not only installation, but also service and maintenance.  We’ve served Northwest Florida and Southwest Alabama for over 25 years, with a proven record of success and customer satisfaction.

The experienced team at Johnson Communications is proud to offer the Pensacola area the latest in technology, including property access solutions from ButterflyMX.  The popularity of the ButterflyMX system reflects a broader trend towards smarter property management.  More and more of our clients are seeking streamlined smart solutions, and we’re here to help them with installation and maintenance services for the latest and best tech on the market.  

Cutting-Edge Security for Doors and Gates


With ButterflyMX, you can clearly see and speak with visitors before making the decision to let them in.  Your pre-approved guests can come right in without waits or disruption to you or your staff.  We also offer hands-free vehicle access control, making it simple for approved vehicles to enter garages or pass through gates. No more annoying and easy-to-misplace remotes or fobs!


Using our safe app on your own smartphone, you can open and manage gates and doors with minimal effort.  Enjoy instant control of your property’s access points, right from the palm of your hand!


Unlike some other systems, ButterflyMX doesn’t require the added expense of additional wiring run through the building.  There’s no need for extra hardware, either, since you can use any iOS or Android device to view video from ButterflyMX.

Your Local ButterflyMX Installers in Northwest Florida

The ButterflyMX installation professionals at Johnson Communication ensure seamless integration of ButterflyMX systems.  You can count on us for a successful deployment and ongoing support of the technology.  

ButterflyMX doesn’t just stop at installation. The company provides ongoing support and training for property managers and residents to maximize the benefits of the system. This includes regular updates to the software and hardware to keep up with the latest security trends.

Choosing the Right ButterflyMX System for Your Property

Assess Your Property's Needs

Every property is unique, and it's important to assess your specific needs before choosing a ButterflyMX system. Consider the size of your property, the number of residents, and the level of access control you require.

Choose Authorized Dealers

To get the most out of ButterflyMX, work with authorized dealers—like the experts at Johnson Communications—who can provide the most accurate and effective advice and support. The professionals on our team understand the local market and can help tailor the system to your property's needs.

Plan for Installation and Integration

Proper planning is essential for the smooth installation and integration of ButterflyMX systems. This involves coordinating with your IT infrastructure, ensuring compatibility with existing systems, and planning for minimal disruption during the installation process.

If you’re looking for a secure, convenient, and efficient property access solution, you can’t go wrong with ButterflyMX. Integrating this innovative system can ensure that your building or community meets the evolving demands of security and convenience in the modern world.  

Give Johnson Communications a call today to discuss your specific security needs and get a quote for the ButterflyMX set-up that’s right for your property!

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